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 Not dimand to our thakorji
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Posted - 09 July 2003 :  19:32:28
Vallabha dis ki Jai! Jai shree Krishna to all the vaishnavs, from all over the world. I think the reason why we shouldnt demand things, from our thakorji is because the main aspect of Pushtimarg is the we think about prabhu sukh and not our sukh. Thats what makes pushtimarg different from all the other religions, because its truly based on prabhu sukh. Prabhu is antariyami he knows all his bhakts dukh. If we are suffering in this life its a result of our previous karma. An example of this is the story of Sudhama, he suffered so much from poverty yet he still didnt ask for anything from thakorji as he knew that it was a result of his previous karm, and he had suffer for it to make up for it. Reena

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Junior Member

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Posted - 01 August 2003 :  21:25:20
"Gokuleshjayati"i add in my topic that------- Inour pusti marg mahaprabhuji have niglect----- [nishedh]to demand and to prey to our thakorji only we should do stuti and gungan.we in laukik perant never demand and discuss their problem to their balak.how can we demand and discusse to--- thakorji who is bhakt's balak.thakorji knows evary our manoratho.vaisnav is big than thakorji. "nijichat karisyati"exampal-once atime one bhakt had skin problem [kod]on allhis body.that bhakt prey to thakorji everyday to clear the skin problm to sreenathji.sreenathji complain to gusaiji that your one sevak is troble me to clear hisskin problem thakorji say iam a not docter or vaid.gusaiji call that vaisnav and ask to him why you trouble to thakorji for your problem.he is balak.you should not trouble not trouble him.gusaiji advise to that bhakt you go to one my sevak who is lives vesya.without you see his activity you will eate his used and left food.and your problem willclear after that.bhakt go there and see that bhakt who is with vesya.but he has not mind his activity [aachar]hesaw a used food food of bhakt he had --- eaten.at that time his clear his skin problem that bhakt surprise bhakt had say story all about he left the body and goto sree charan. malati malati

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Pushtikul Elite Member - February 2004

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Posted - 08 August 2003 :  19:27:43
Jayshrikrishna Vaishnavs, This is a very good topic. All the views are respecteable & we should do satat chintan & manan of this. During the course of ones life there are incidents that one could tumble and not be able to follow on ShriMahaprabhuji's agya ( unknowingly, un willingly ) . At that time discusstions like this are very helpfull. as specially in western world were Satsang is not easily available. Thank you. Vasantbhai the varta you are reffering is of ShriPadmanabhadas of Kanoj. plese correct me if I am wrong. bindi

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Vasant Punjabi
Vice-President & Pushtikul Elite Member - May 2003

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Posted - 09 August 2003 :  01:44:12
Jai Shri Krishna, Yes Bindhi you are correct. Once Shri Mahaprabhuji was travelling from Shri Gokul to Adel along with shatri vaipari but He decided to go to Kanoj to meet Shri Padmanabhadas and the shatri did not want to join so he stayed behind and got looted. Then he ran towards kanoj to meet Shri Mahaprabhuji and complain when Shri Padmanabhadas stopped him and got loan and paid him off so he should not disturb Shri Mahaprabhuji as He was having His meals at that time. There is very deep meaning requesting all vaishnavs to read the varta. Jai Shri Krishna. Vasant

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