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Pad of Shri Parmanandasji
By n/a
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Added on: 29 March 2003
Author: n/a
Posted by: Vasant Punjabi
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Jai Shri Krishna to All Vaishnavs,

Mitho Madan Gopal, aaj dadhi------ bhavat mohe tiharo jutho, chanchal nayan vishal, Aane pat banaye dona diye sabanko bant. jin nahin payo sunore bhaiya Meri hatheri chat. Bahut dinan ham base Kumudvan Krishna tihare sath Aiso swad ham kabahu na chakhyo, sun Gokul ke nath Aapun hasat, hasavat gvalan, manas Leela rup. Parmanand Prabhu Ham sab janat, Tum Tribhuvan ke Bhup.

English Meaning,

This is very significant pada of Shri Parmanandadas. It throws light upon the very essence and the form of Lord Krishna. It so happened that Krishna, along with His sakhas went to Kumudvan for gazing the cows, And now, it was time for them to take meals.

They used to take Van Bhojan, all together. Hence everything that was brought by the Sakhas was mixed together and Shri Krishna had to serve the various items to His friends.

There was curd, brought by them, as usual. It was also to be served by Shri Krishna. He asked His Friends to bring big leaves of khakhra (Butea Frondosa, Botanical name)tree. They brought the leaves then they prepared bowl like Donas from these leaves. He distributed the Donas to His friends and served the curd in the donas.

But one of the sakhas had been out for some work. Hence, he did not receive the curd. So he requested Shri Krishna to give him some curd. But Shri Krishna had no curd left so He told him to lick His palm as some curd was stuck to His palm.The sakha did exactly what he was told and behold he got the taste he had never experienced in his life.

He cried out O Krishna everyday I taste the curd but today's was the best, never before I get to taste this curd it has supernatural taste.

Why so?

This pada gives us an insight into the essence and the svarupa of Lord Krishna. The sakha who licked the curd from the palm of the Lord Krishna did not lick the curd only but he licked , "Meri Hatheri" My palm. He licked the palms of Shri Krishna. He licked the Shri Ang (celestial body) of Krishna.

Our body is earthly and is composed of 5 earthly elements but the body of our Lord Krishna is composed of supernatural elements Rasa and Anand only.

Comments: 1 Comment(s)

By ojhaak
31 March 2003
Good article depicting "Raso vai sah"

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