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Last Message of Shri Vallabh.
By n/a
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Added on: 04 August 2002
Author: n/a
Posted by: Vasant Punjabi
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Last days of Shri Vallabh at Hanuman Ghat on banks of Ganges. He knew that the time of his passing was near so his family was informed for His last Darshan and then He gave them His last message.

As He had taken vow of silence, He wrote a few words on sand by way of counsel they were in the form of three and a half verses.

Listen to my last words.I foresee a time when you will forget God and become engrossed in worldly matters it is likely that you will become slaves of your passions, which will turn you away from the path of Devotion.

Instead of rendering service to God, which is your primary duty, you will fritter away your time and energy in idle pursuits. But if you folllow My advice, God will not forget you. You should believe that Krishna is our God and never slaken your faith in Him,and He will surely protect you.

You should regard Him as the be all and end all of your life. Your ultimate goal (good) lies in serving Him, which should be done with all your heart, mind and soul.

Trust in His protection. Remember Him always in all your thoughts, words and deeds.

As soon as He ended, lord Krishna manifested himself visually on the spot and wrote one and a half verse completing the message.

If you have faith in Me, You will be under My care and protection and will not suffer failure of any sort. Be free from all sorrows and anxieties concerning your future, for, it is safe in My hands only. You should love Me with the love of Gopies.If you do so, then you will surely secure liberation that is the only means of union with Me, by which you will regain your original divine nature.

Do not give your thoughts to worldly matters. Be devoted to Me and render service to Me by all means at your disposal.

Soon after this Vallabhacharya rose from his seat and entered into the Ganges singing to Himself the song of the Gopies and the Yugal Geet and the Gita from the Bhagawata, concentrating his mind on God's Form and Lo a brilliant flame in the form of God arose from the waters and whisked him away in the sight of thousands of men, women and children who had congregated there to have his last darshan.

This event took place on the third day of the waxing moon in the month of ashad in the samvat year 1587 (1532AD)

Jai Shri Krishna to All.

Comments: 5 Comment(s)

By jatin
26 February 2003
Good one Vasant Bhai you are giving so much input to website and also to all Vaishnavs.

Jai Shree Krishna

By ojhaak
11 March 2003
Very good. Such translations and exactly communicating article are welcomed to lay foundations of Annanya -ayashrya. Jai Shree Krishna
By partquip@botsnet.bw
28 May 2004
jai shree krishan

excellent ariticel a very good insight to all the vaishnavs and a good understanding for the children and the adults

jai shreekrishna

By daksha
12 August 2004
Jai shri krishna Execellent i mus t say that i did not now even that shri Vallabh had conveyed a message to his vaisnavas which gives me a more understanding also to the younger generation too.May shriji Bava give that insight always.
By capt_rakeshshah
10 March 2011
Really an eye opner and an ideal path for people like me who are lost in this materialistic world. Thank you Vasantbhai and JSK.

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