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Faith in God
By gopal
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Added on: 25 May 2005
Author: gopal
Posted by: gopal
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Jai Jai ShriGokulesh,

By giving pains also prabhu thinks good for the jeev.

Just faith in God

====>People crush the food grains, for what ?? Is it that grains are our enemy, as we think, No, not atall. Vaishnavvas, food grains has not harmed us nor done any bad deeds to us, and even we are not enemiy of food grains. It is because due to food grains we look healthy, in physic and the shobha-decoram of food is due to us.

Similarly, it is prabhu, due to whom, we are stable in life, and due to us the mahima - praices of god. We are not enemies of god, nor we have any enmity. But just as to clear the bad and unwanted portin from food grains, we crush. In same way, prabhu crushes to make us pure from our old sins, so we feel pains if we are crushed, but the length of jeev is to be purified and get appropriae from prabhu. So do not (us all ) mislead or misunderstand god. Gos's leela during pains and sorrows. But think as god had surely thought something unusual good . Just faith in god and carry on life as a regular routine with SEVA - KATHA .

"Jitne Taare Gagan mein, Utne Shatru hoye ; Krupa hoye ShriGokulnathji Ki, To baal na Banka Hoye ; "

Comments: 2 Comment(s)

By purvi
15 April 2006
jay jay shri gokulesh.

very true gopalbhai.

shri prabhu always thinks of our well being and always does krupa. we should have total faith on shri prabhu.

By Devotion1
25 November 2006
Thanks for a great expression of knowledge for us.

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