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By A very old Manuscript
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Added on: 22 March 2005
Author: A very old Manuscript
Posted by: shreekant22
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Udharedantmanatmanam maagnam sausaarvaridhau Yogaarudatvamasadhya smyakdarshan nishtavya

Meaning: Ones Atma is immersed in worldly desires, such an atma, if for a moment basks in the light of divinity, will through knowledge oriented steadfastness, eventually by itself desire divine bliss.

Let us understand this in a better way….

Once a disciple humbly asked his Guru… Oh Gurudev, in this world, many beings indulge in Satsang and experience divine peace, and yet get attracted to the worldly desires In spite of being inclined to wards divine knowledge and seeking eternal bliss, they are carried away by worldly distractions. Why is it so?

The Gurudev Replies…. Oh Shishya, you have raised a very good query. And thought provoking one too. Let me explain this through a simple example…

A Fly feeds on many things, and this includes Waste and rotten elements as well as Excellent Honey. Now , A fly that feeds on wastes, daily, once by sheer chance comes across a Pot of Honey, not very sure, it tastes it first, then liking the sweetness, feeds on it, and is immensely happy. However, it flies here and there and again chances upon rotten waste. Out of habit it settles itself on the waste and feeds on it too. This way the fly keeps shuttling between the smelly waste and Fine honey. And the day when it is feeding on honey, wind blows across, making the wings of the fly sticky with honey and now the Fly is stuck to the honey. Its desire to seek anything else vanishes and it remains engrossed, feeding itself with honey and Happy.

Well Shishya, the Jeev to is no different from this fly. He too keeps shuttling between rotten wasteful worldly desires and pure honey like sweetness of Satsang and peace. And the day he is blessed by Shree Thakorji (or His Gurus blessings or His good deeds), like the blow of the wind, when Prabhu does Anugraha on him, he too latches on to Honey. When the lord bestows his grace on the Jeev, then he is relieved of the futile worldly desires and is bound to Eternal Divinity.

Oh Shishya, let me also tell you that Jeevs are all not like the Fly. They are intelligent too. And blind application of knowledge can lead to nowhere.

Such is the case of this intelligent Mr. Patel.

There lived a quite well off Mr. Patel, in a kingdom. Once, the king desired to seek his services and honourfully summoned him to the court. Mr. Patel elevated by this sudden importance, and in the warmth of his Ego, dressed himself in a spotless white attire and left to attend the Royal call. However, conscious of his attire and carefully avoiding anything that may damage it. Well, his dress did get damaged by a piece of coal. In a hurry to meet the Highness, Mr. Patel, had no time to think about it. But while returning home, the black patch was running all over his mind. Mr. Patel felt insulted, insult lead to anger and anger found its target in the piece of coal. Mr. Patel felt that the blackness in coal was the root of all problems, and decided to intelligently remove the blackness from coal itself. He gathered all coal in the township and ordered it be washed and its blackness removed. This mammoth task only made puddles of black water all around the town. Another Patel bhai, got curious, and enquired, what was Mr. Patel up to. To this Mr. Patel replied that he was removing the blackness from Coal.

It did not take long for Patel bhai to see the wasteful task of Mr. Patel, and decided to use a bit of wisdom. Patel bhai offered to clean all coal of its blackness in 4 hours. The exhausted Mr. Patel readily agreed.

Patel bhai dried all coal and burnt it to get then in pure white form. Mr. Patel on his return found white remains of the coal and realized his mistake, and finally surrendered his blind Ego to the wisdom of Patel Bhai.

Shishya, Here knowledge got overshadowed by Ego and Anger, and Mr. Patel search for Futile solutions, and for that matter indulge in the wasteful exercise. A jeev, in spite of his knowledge, looks for futile solutions in this world of desires. On the other hand, Knowledge when used with wisdom, burns the Blackness of coal, and generates whiteness. A Jeev too when he burns his Ego, Lust, Anger etc. in the fire of knowledge, will become a soul most acceptable to Shree Thakorji.

Shree Thakorji in Geetha Says….

Gyanagnihi sarvakarmaani bhasmasatkrurterjun

That is….The Company of Devine Knowledge and Devine souls, leads to realization of Shree Thakorji.

Jai Shree Krishna

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