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Jaydevji's Geet Govind - Sarga 8
By vitthalcharan
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Added on: 31 December 2004
Author: vitthalcharan
Posted by: vitthalcharan
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An appeal before reading

Those who are not "rasika" are not advised to read the material. If they, any way reads the astapadi, they may end up in having decreased faith in Shri Krishna. The astapadis are created by great poet shri jayadevji. In this, Shuddha Madhurya bhav is narrated. thus no "Kaam Vaasna" is present. Do not try to understand this with respect to laukik kaam vaasna. This is the narration of shuddha prem of radha towards shri krishna. Here Radha means "any devotee" who wants to get and give divya prem from and to krishna respectively. A prem lakshana bhakti or pusti bhakt should try to move on to footsteps of shri radhaji and should feel the bhav depicted in this geet. This is a lesson to those to want to become true premikas of shri krishna.

|| Shri Jaydev's GeetGovindam ||

|| Sarga 8 ||

(Vilakshya Laksmipatim) Vilakshya means "Apologetic" Laksmi means "Swaminijis"

"The Apologetic Krishna"

Krishna appears before Raadha from out of thin air, on the next day morning. But Raadha, on seeing his appearance and apologetic look, starts her raves and raves at him.

"Aatha Kathamapi Yaminim Viniya ..."

Tika: Then, somehow on spending an un-spendable night with her problem of aloneness, and even though she is battered by the arrows of Love-god, but in the morning when somehow Krishna revealed himself in her fore, and though he started speaking with apologetic words, and even with his palm-fold, she that Raadha spoke to him irritably Shri Radha becomes "Khandita Naayika" in above situation one among eight kinds of poetic heroines, who speaks disparagingly on noticing her man spent time with other heroines.

Ashtapadi 17: pad 1:

"Rajani Janita Guru jagar raag ..."

Your buoyant eyes that ever express your expertise in your self-indulgence in romances, are now weakly winking, and reddened both by the night-caused nightlong waking, and by the reddish colour of facial-cosmetic of your lover, hence they now clearly bear the mark of your interestedness in her alone... away with you, hè, Krishna, you with your lotus-like luring eyes... tag along her alone, who takes your woe away... be off, Keshava, and tell no feign dialogue to me - oh boy, oh boy...

pad 2: "kajaala Malina vilochana Chumbana..." "Oh, yeah? Krishna, by kissing her eyes that are besmirched by mascara, some blackness is besmeared on your reddish lips, thus those lips with an air of blackness are enriching your body colour, that is already blackish... go off, oh boy... oh boy...

pad 3: "vapuranu harati tav Smar sanga ..." Your body is chafed with streaks of sharp fingernails, and they resemble the golden streaks carved on the pieces of emeralds, in your certificate of merit in love affairs... then you must be warring in love-war... go off, oh boy... oh boy...

pad 4: "charana kamal galdalakta siktam idam ..." Because this bounteous chest of yours is wet with the red feet-paint slid from some lotus-footed girl, it appears like an all-embracing tree like Love-god in side that chest, but now showing itself from out of that chest, whorled with new tender leaves... so you must be at love-war... go off, oh boy... oh boy...

pad 5: "dasana padam Bhavada Adhar gatam ..." The tooth-bite abiding on your lip is causing agony in my heart, even now how can my heart say to me that we are allegedly unseparated, bodily... go off, oh boy... oh boy.

pad 6: "bahiriva Malin taranam tav krushna ..." Even your heart seems to be grimier than your begrimed body, definite is that, otherwise how can you let down your own admirers, agonised in the fever caused by Love-god's arrows? Away with you Krishna, oh boy... oh boy...

pad 7: "bhramati Bhavaan bala ..." You roam in Brindavan only to wolf down womenfolk, unsurprising is that, as with the killing of demoness Putana in your childhood, merciless legends of your childhood explain that you are an women killer... Away with you, oh boy... oh boy...

pad 8: "shri jayadev ..." Oh, literati, that promising song said by Jayadeva, that which is nectareous than nectar, and an impossible one to get even from the heaven, and that says about 'a disregarded heroine' cheated form intimacy, may be listened...

"tadeve Pasyantya ..."

You beguiler, on your appearance with a chest bedaubed by the red foot-paint of your love, where that red paint appears to be your fondness for her, outflowing from out of that chest, and on seeing this otherwise red coloured chest, the primacy of that highly renowned love of mine with you is shattered, thereby, to say nothing of grief, a disgrace is causing in me... what more can be said.

"ITI GEET GOVEINDe Khandita varnane Vilakhya Laksmipatirnam Asstam sarga" Thus, this is the 8th chapter, called vilaksha/vilakshya lakshmiipatiH - Apologetic Krishna, in Gita Govindam of Jayadeva.

Shri Vallabhadhish ki jay

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