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 Saran -Samarpan Prakar
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Posted - 09 July 2004 :  05:56:23
TextThe Main Elements Of Seva (Sevana Mukhya Aang)

Seva is a way to serve Lord and only a "Devi Jiva" who has an utmost desire to do seva will be able to do Seva. Now acording to "Bhaktidevishya Nirupan", all those Devi Jiva can do seva according to their devotional surrendership ( Devipanani samarpaan ), and if this Samarpan Sidhi (Surrendership) will have even little bit of or touch of Aniyaashrai (fellowship of worshiping someone other than the worship virtue one had actually was chosen for), partly devotion "Ardh Samarpaan", and the Jiva who has Selfish motives to do seva (Marapanani Bhavna) and all his aptitudes (Sarvay Vrati) is not been surrendered to Krishna according to Bramasambandh (Nivadan Mantra)and if the samarpaan is not totally according to Shree Vallabhachariya, then the Seva will be only "Kriyapadi" and then this seva is only a show off (dekhawani seva)and because of all above elements one looses the "bhava" in doing seva.

So the total devotion and total surrender is the way ahead for pushti daivi jiva. This is known as Saran Samarpan. To understand Saran Samarapan, one has to first Understand the different elements of Saran Samarpan (Saran Samarpan na Prakaar).

Tomorrow I will try to explain Saran Vidhi the main initiative process to be devottee and a total worship for Shree Krishna.

Jai Shree Krishna Pushtidas

Dasa no das Pushtidas

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