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 Shree Subodiniji
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Posted - 03 September 2004 :  14:52:04
We all know that Shree Subodiniji is Shree Vallabhs interpretanation of shrimad bhagwad. Do they cover the entire Bhagwadji ? either way what is the reason for it ?

Shree Vallabha dheesh ki jai

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Posted - 03 September 2004 :  16:08:22
jai shree krishna well i dont know much on subhodiniji but, have soem idea that it contains all the GHUD bhavs which are very very difficult to understand only with vallabh's krupa u can understand it and probably read shree gusaiji's tippani i think in accordance to that. thank you

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Posted - 03 September 2004 :  23:00:48
Jai Shree Krishna, Yes the Subodhiniji is on Shree Bhagvaatji but it does not cover the whole Bhagvaatji. Once Shree Mahaprabhuji started Shreemad Bhagvaatji, Shree Vallabh was writting on Third Skandh when Shree thakorji asked Shree Vallabh to come back "Nij Dhaam" and Shree Vallabh left it unfinished and after comming back Shree Vallabh started writting tika on Dasmaskandh. So the Subodhniji was only complete tika of Dashmaskandh of Shremad Bhagvaatji and as soon as Shree Vallabh started writting on eleventh Skandh Vallabh had to agree to Shree Thakorji's agiya and left his writting and Aapshree eccepted Viyahmohlila and left Bhutal in his Bhowtic element (dasha). Inccidentally Jay Bhatji, Shree Bhagvaatji has Baar (12) Skandh and Shree Mahaprabhuji only did a complete work on Dwaadaash Skandh which we all know as Shree Subodhiniji. All 12 Skaandhs are known as 12 parts of Shree Goverdhan Nathji's Shree Aang (12 parts of his body), and 10th (Dwaadaash) skandha is known as shree Goverdhan Nathji's heart and it is this 10th epitol which is our Subodhiniji. So We now also have unfinished 3rd Skandha and 11th Skandha. The Subodhiniji also covers Gopi Geet and Yugal Geet. The main Granths of Shree Mahaprabhuji's are BRAHAMSUTRA-ANUBHASHIYA, SHREE BHAGVAAT SUBODHINIJI, TATWARTH DEEPNIBANDH and then we all know very well, THE SODASH GRANTH. All these granthas are the heart of Pushti Marg Only if Aapshree had done complete tika of shreemad Bhagvaatji then we would really know the real depth of Shreemad Bhagvaatji. "Shree Bhagvaat Gudharth Prakashan Parayanah" Pushtidas

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