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 Shri Vraj Darshan Mahotsavs and Shri Baithak Yatra
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Posted - 23 November 2006 :  15:12:34

Shri Vraj Darshan Mahotsavs and Shri Baithak Yatra

9th February to 21st February 2007

Yatra in Motor Vehicles


Somyaji Dikshit Jagadguru Sarwatomukh Dr. Pujyapad Goswami Shri Gokulutsavji Maharaj na sarva vaishnav ne shubh aashirvad.

 It’s a great pleasure to inform you that under the valued guidance and direction of Sarvatomukh Somyaji Shri Vrajutsavji Bawashri - the supreme grace of Purna Purshottam Shri Goverdhandhar Shrinathji Prabhu, a Vraj Baithak darshan Yatra has been planned which will include Vraj darshan mahotsavs.  Incidentally the Yatra has been planned during the most favoured colourful days of the Fhag, the Holi. The opportune days, when the entire world, along with the Vrajpati rides the horses of Vasant. The surrendered heart is eager to manifest, have a glimpse of the colours of vraj rasiya, vasant Bihari lal, Shri Thakurji.

 Khel phag anurag badhyao,  

 The very thought of seeing the lotus eyed in the flowery Bowers- Nikunj of vraj sets the mind free from all worldly ties.

 Jari charan sparsh of Shri Vallabh and holi play with Shri Maha Prabhuji in vraj Yatra, what more can us as vaishnav be fortuned with.

 The yatrik vaishnavs shall be graced with the darshan of Dhoti upanavastra and Shri tapeliji in Baithak, Kund-tirtho ma snaan and daan, Shri Yamunaji jal na paan and pujan, Shri Yamunaji na kundvaro in Mathura and Gokul, Shri Yamunaji divya chundari manorath, Shri Girirajji pujan- doodh (milk) dhara abhishek, Holi phag khel with Shri Girirajji kundawaro, Vividh Holi chaak khel and khel phag with Rasiya Holi naa pad-kirtan.

 The evenings shall fill the heart of the vaishnavs by the divine discourses- the Vachanmrits of pujya maharajshree explaining the leela details of that particular location.






As we all realize that the general vraj Yatra of 45 days is becoming a little time demanding in the busy lives of people like us. Yet the Vaishnav heart throbs to have a Vraj yatra, hence a 12 day Vraj yatra of Vraj Baithak darshan has been specially structured so that a vaishnav can take the divine opportunity of transforming the worldly earnings into spiritual grace in limited time.  The soul deposits of the divine balance sheet.

 Looking forward to meet you in Vraj yatra kindly accept our hearty Jai Shri Krishna

 - Shri Vrajdarshan Vevastha Samiti- Indore

 P.S: In order to manage a smooth programme a maximum of 200 vaishnavs will be accommodated. Reservations are open on first come first serve basis.

 To confirm your yatra please send a cheque or draft in the name

 Jagadguru peeth math charitable parmarth sarvajanik nyas Indore

 Alternatively, if you wish to pay by cash please contact Shrimati Anjanaben Patel at 89 Redway Drive, Whitton, Middex, TW27NN  

 Telephone: 0208 550 3413                                  Mobile: 07779328224





 Acharya Goswami Shri Gokulutsavji Maharajshree

 Telephone No: 0731 2454719  Mobile: 91 94250 65499

E-mail: goswamigmaharaj@yahoo.com" target="_blank">goswamigmaharaj@yahoo.com

              gokulotsavjimaharaj@rediffmail.com" target="_blank">maharaj@rediffmail.com










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Anoop J. Purohit

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Posted - 24 November 2006 :  16:09:00

Jai Shree Krishna

Many Thanks Anoopji for informing the Vaishnavs about the devine Vraj Yatra.

Shree Vallabha dheesh ki jai Go to Top of Page
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Posted - 27 November 2006 :  08:05:08

Jai Shri Krishna

Thank you kindly for the information and announcement

Best Wishes

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