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 Synopsis of Shreemad bhagwatji
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Posted - 23 October 2004 :  23:21:53
Following is the brief synopsis of every Skandh. All main issues discussed in the Skandh are given here so that one can refer to the Actual Bhagwatji accordingly

Skandh 1 This Skandh is like a Prologue. What is Dharm? What are the Avataar? Dis-satisfaction of Vyaas Jee, telling about Naarad Jee's previous life description and suggesting to write about Bhagvaan's Avataar and Leelaa, Krishn's protecting of Pareekshit, Paandav go to Swarg, Shaap to Pareekshit, and Pareekshit goes to the bank of Gangaa Jee, Many Rishi Muni gather there Shukdev Jee tells Bhaagvat Jee Kathaa.

Skandh 2 How to meditate, Bhagvaan's Viraat Roop, Description of Avataar in brief, Pareekshit's questions about Creation, Ten Characteristics of Bhaagvat

Skandh 3 Vidur Jee meets Uddhav Jee and he describes Bhagvaan's Baal Leelaa, Vidur asks about Bhaagvat Dharm then Uddhav directs him to Maitreya Jee, Vidur goes to Maitreya Jee to Haridwaar, About Creation, Kaal Division, Varaah Avataar, Diti expresses her desire for children, Sankaadi give Shaap to Jay Vijay and they are born to Diti, Story of Kardam Rishi and Devhooti, Birth of Kapil Muni and He delivers the knowledge of Saankhya Shaastra to Devhooti.

Skandh 4 Description of Kardam Jee's nine daughters, Story of Daksh Prajaapati, Enmity between Shankar Jee and Daksh Jee and Satee leaves her body, About Brahmaa Jee's son Manu's children, Story of Manu's children, Manu's son Uttaanpaad's son Dhruv, Stories of Vane (in Dhruv's lineage), Story of Prithu and Archi produced from Vane's body, Prachetaa Gan (in Prithu's lineage), and Story of Puranjan

Skandh 5 Account of Manu's another son Priyavrat, his son Aagneedhra, and his son Rishabh, and Rishabh's son Bharat (on whose name this piece of land is called Bhaarat Varsh). Description of Universe and Gangaa Jee, seven islands and other Varsh, Chariot of the Sun and its speed, Position of various planets and their speed, Shishumaar Chakra, Raahu's position and other Lok, Sankarshan Bhagvaan

Skandh 6 Story of Ajaamil, Story of Daksh and his 60 daughters, Insult of Brihaspati and Devtaa appoint Vishwaroop as their Guru, Vishwaroops Naraayanee Kavach to protect Devtaa from Daitya, Indra kills Vishwaroop and divides His Brahm Hatyaa Paap in four parts, Vishwaroop's father Twashtaa produces a Krityaa named Vritraasur

Skandh 7 In this Skandh Dharm is described in very detail. Jay and Vijay story, Maharshi Kashyap, Prahlaad story with Nrasinh Avataar have been described in detail.

Skandh 8 This Skandh describes all Manvantar (there are 14 Manvantar). This includes the stories of Gaj and Graah, Saagar Manthan, Mohinee Avataar, Shankar Jee's confusion about Mohinee, Manu's jobs, Bali's victory over Swarg, Kashyap about tells Payo-Vrat, Vaaman Avataar and Raajaa Bali, Matsya Avataar.

Skandh 9 In this Skandh you will find many biographies, such as, from the beginning - Manu, Chyavan Rishi, Naabhaag, Ikshwaaku Vansh, Raajaa Trishanku, Raajaa Sagar, Bhageerath, Shree Raam, Raajaa Nimi, Parashuraam Jee, Vishwaamitra Jee, Yayaati Vansh, Raajaa Dushyant-Shakuntalaa story, Raajaa Rantidev, Yadu Vansh, Kaurav Vansh etc.

Skandh 10 This is the largest Skandh in Bhaagvat. It has 90 Adhyaay in total. This Skandh is wholly devoted to the life of Shree Krishn. There are two parts of this Skandh - Poorvaardh and Uttaraardh. Poorvaardh part describes Shree Krishn's childhood events, it has 49 Adhyaay; and Uttaraardh part describes His adult life and it has 41 Adhyaay.

Skandh 11 This Skandh is full of spiritual knowledge. In this Skandh Krishn Jee delivers the knowledge of Bhaagvat Dharm to Uddhav Jee before going to His Param Dhaam.

Skandh 12 This Skandh is the last Skandh of the Bhaagvat Jee. In this Skandh Pareekshit leaves his body. Description of Kaliyug, Maarkandeya's story, about Soorya (Sun) and His chariot, synopsis of the Bhaagvat Jee, and number of Shlok in each Puraan etc topics are given.

Shree Vallabha dheesh ki jai

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Posted - 02 November 2004 :  19:31:24
Jai Shree Krishna Well done Shreekantji, lovely summary. Daso no das Pushtidas

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