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 Kamvan and its beauty
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Posted - 05 June 2004 :  05:21:53
Jai Shree Krushna !

I would just like to share some of my experiences of visiting Kamvan. I hope all vaishnavs know that it is in Kamvan that two of the seven chief deities - Shree Gokulchandramaji (of the Pancham Peeth) and Shree Madanmohanji (of the Saptam Peeth) - reside blissfully. It also has a beautiful place called Shree Kund in the near forests where Shree Mahaprabhuji's Bethakji resides in the tranquil and soul-soothing environment.

It is close to New Delhi as is the Vraj. There are direct buses available from New Delhi(Saray Kalekha or Ashram bus stops) run by Rajsthan roadways that go to Bharatpur. Kamvan is presently known as Kaamaa(n) - a typical pronunciation perturbation. The other choice is to go till Kosi through Bus bound for Mathura and from there get in the tightly filled local three wheeler mass transporter rickshaws/jeeps to feel closeness with vrajvasis. Of course, the elite ones can hire a taxi for the whole day to make it more comfortable.

Once in Kamvan, take a cycle rickshaw or walk down straight the road for about a km and you will be at the two Peeths which are adjacent. The PanchamPeeth is governed by P.G. Shree Vallabhlalji Maharajshree while the SaptamPeeth is governed by P.G. Shree Ghanshyamlalji Maharjshree. Panchampeeth has a long tradition of richness due to 'Shree' - one of the six oppulences of Lord - being associated with Shree Gokulchandramaji (also known as Shree Gokul ke Chand and more lovingly as Chandbava). The Panchampeeth and Pushtimarg flourished marvelously in the times of the 19th century great legendery P.G. Shree Devakinandanacharyaji - one of the alltime highly influential Acharyas of Pushtimarg. Today also the Panchampeeth has a huge amount of wealth in Kamvan and so there is no reason but to have very good - possibly one of the best in Vraj - arrangements for Vaishnavs to stay there. The havelis of both the Peeths are like the large palaces of Nandbava. Shree Thakurji gives darshan quite early and for a brisk period mostly. The utsavs are celebrated with pomp and pleasure - Vaibhav and me were fortunate to be there during Deepavali and Annakut. Of late, i was fortunate to be there during Snan Yatra. The Kirtaniyajis sing very melodiously to please the Lord, the Adhikarijis take due care for your stay and there are always nice vaishnavs around there to provide you with much sought after satsang whether for understanding a shodashgranth or a shlok of Bhagavatarth prakaran or some kirtan with deep bhavna. One can also approach the resident Vallabhkul Acharyas who are also very eager to solve your puzzle and help you advance nicely on the path of divine grace.

The Bethakji is located around 3 km from the Peeths and somewhat interior to the historic forests. It is here that Shree Mahaprabhuji liberated a divine soul who had become a demon near the Shree Kund. This was done by one of his disciples by just sprinkling of water after washing Shree Mahaprabhuji's dhoti to that demon. Today also, the Kund is very much there and Shree Mahaprabhuji's bethakji is just in front of it. There are also bethakjis of Shree Gusainji, Shree Giridharji, Shree Gokulnathji and Shree Govindji(5th gruh) as also there is Shree Girirajji. There are many trees surrounding the bethakji which nurture the beautiful chirping sound of birds making it just more divine and what to speak of the elegence offered by the lotus flowers in the kund and a garden and some cows. To match the divine oppulence of the Bethakji is an equally devotional mukhiyaji of the Bethakji. The young mukhiyaji in early 30's is filled with love for Shree Vallabh. As per Rameshbhai Parikh's saying "Bethakjis are the schools of Pushtimarg", the Mukhiyaji explains us various ways of services starting from taking the bath in the kund, preparing the samagri, filling the zhariji, offering the samagri, fan-service, charansparsh, dandavat and all we may have doubts. Then he explains various bhav-bhavna of the surrounding trees - a kadamb surrounded by peepal is Shree Thakurji surrounded by Shree Swaminiji etc etc.

Apart from these places, there are many more lila-sthals like the Vimal Kund, Charanpahadi, Bhaumasoor's cave, Bhojan-thali, 84 pillars, and a very beautiful place called Ghata (or Anandadri).

Of course, Vraj is always blissful and divine, Kamvan has its own distinct place among Shree Thakurji and his bhakts who want to experience the bliss all the time by making it a permanent place as Dayaram says, "Vraj vahalu re Vaikunth nahi re javu"!

Jai Shree Krushna ! Dharmendra

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