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 Request Vaishnavs to reply to forums
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Senior Member

142 Posts
Posted - 17 January 2003 :  23:37:59
Jai Shree Krsna,

I request all the members to reply to topics n post new topics. Its sad that the reply rate is very low of the number of memebers we have. Its a seva we are doing to Thakurji n not necessary every member has a Guru n also its not possible to see the guru all the time. Its we Vaishnav brothers n sister who has to help another vaishnav. Its my sinceren humble request for u all to reply. We should encourage our President Anand Bhai at the age of 18 he has done such a wonderful task by creating this site for the benefit of the vaishnavs globally. Please take out 5 minutes n reply to the topics.



News Reporter

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Posted - 18 January 2003 :  10:10:14
JAi SHree Krishna, Yes, I agree fully with Yoginiben & I to request all the members to reply to topics so that we can help eavhothers in the problems in seva & also we can help eachother to rectify our mistake while doing seva. Chirag

(Chirag Doshi)

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Entry Level Member

13 Posts
Posted - 18 January 2003 :  10:40:58
Jai Shree Krishna yes I should first appriciate President Anand Bhai for this site which in real is a link for joining Veshnavs Globally . And ever member should read and reply the topics . this will encourage all the members to understand and do the seva of Thakuji in a much better way. All are not lucky to get Guru Darshan but those who get can always share thier feeling with others. Replying to the topics makes one more Kowlegdeable and comes to know the value of the Seva marg and simplyfing the marg of seva and to rectify their mistakes. Communicating is one way in which one can overcome their short comming while doing Seva. And Repling once feeling encourages one to over come thier short commings. So One should read and reply to all the topics

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Pushtikul Ethics Director / P.E.M. June 2003

424 Posts
Posted - 20 January 2003 :  09:12:45
Yes I agree with Yoginiben that everyone has to reply the question which i asked by other vaishnavs , through this kind of site we are able to do satsang and also we able to know so many things so I also requesting all the vaishnavs to post their questions and reply the questions which has been asked by other Jai Shree Krishna Jatin Malkan

Shree Dwarikadhiski Jai
Shree Sri Lalji Pyare Ki Jai
Jatin Malkan

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Pushtikul Elite Member - September 2003

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Posted - 22 March 2003 :  13:56:29
Jai Shri Krishna With due respect i would like to go one step further, that if any one has resourses , the topics may be please be consulted among vaishnavs in contact & replied. Even new topics in such way may be added. Jai Shree Krishna A.K.OJHA

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