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 Organisation of Shri Vraj & Vraj Baithak Yatra
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Posted - 11 December 2002 :  17:57:12
With extreme bliss from Nikunjnayak Shri Dwarkadhish Prabhu and Shri Lalji and with inspiration from N.L.P.P.G. 108 Shri Purshottam Lalji (Dadashri) and N.L.P.P.G. 108 Shri Vitthaleshwar Maharajshri (P.Kakaji), under the chairmanship of Akhand Bhumandalacharya Jagadguru Shrimad Vallabhacharyaji Pragatya Peeth Grihadhipati Vallabhkul Kaurtubh Shri Vrajjivanlalji Maharaj and with Manoratha of Aaapshri's Vahuji P.P.A.S. Shri Jayalaxmi Vahuji, a yatra of the land of Almighty Shri Krishna's Lila Sthali Shri Vraj Bhumi has been organised from Mahavadh. 5 Friday Dt. 21-02-2003 to Falgun Sudh 10 Thursday Dt. 13-03-2002.

Shri Krishna's birth place Mathura would be kept as the Mukkam (staying destination), each day the Yatra Sangh would travel by bus to Shri Mahaprabhuji's Baithak, and after doing Jhari Charan-Sparsh and Tapeli, the bus would go the nearby Lila Sthal. In the evening, the Yatra Sangh would return back to the Mukkam (i.e. Mathura).

In this Yatra, Ras-Lila, Dadhi-Lila, Hi Chamachi Dhor, Ras-Kirtan, Acharyaji's Vachnamrat and Vraj Rasiya and other cultural programmmes would be arranged. During the Yatra, Shri Gusainji's Sevya Swarups and Aapshri's Sevya Swarups would reside and according to the Lila in the Lila Sthal, Shri's Manoratha would be done.

At Jatipura, Shri Girirajji's Kunwara, At Mathura Shri Yamunaji's Kunwara and Chundi Manoratha would be done.

After the Yatra is compeleted,the divine pleasure of seeing world-famous Nandgam and Barsana and divine Rangili (Horanga) can be taken.

During the whole Yatra, P.P.G.108 Shri Vrajjivanlalji Maharajshri and Aapshri's Prince P.P.G.108 Shri Dwarkeshlalji Mahoday and Goswami Shri Purshottamlalji Mahoday would reside with family.

Nyochavar Per Vaishnav is Rs. 6500/- and Nyochavar for Chundri Manoratha is Rs. 351/-

Book your names at the earliest at any of the below given addresses:-

1) Shri Baithak Yatra Karyalay, Shri Dwarkeshlalji's Haveli, Kandivali (West) Mumbai - 67 (India) Tel. No:- (91-022-8073174)

2) Shri Dwarkesh Dham, India Colony, Bapu Nagar, Ahemdabad. Tel. No.:- (079) 274 1627

3) Shri Dwarkesh Palace Moti Haveli, Amreli - Saurashtra Tel. No.:- (02792) 223016

4) Shri Dwarkesh Kunj Haveli 15, Mira Nagar, Bhatni Wadi, Varacha Road, Surat. Tel. No.:- (0261) 8546110, 8548705

Shri Vallabhadhish ki Jai !!

Anand A. Majethia


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Posted - 24 January 2003 :  01:35:41
Please can you inform as to how many days the yatra will be, mode of transport to be arranged by self and other details please. Yogini

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Posted - 17 February 2003 :  19:43:21
Jai Shree Krushna, Anandbhai ! I would like to enquire whether i can participate in this Yatra on week-ends because Vraj is near to Delhi and i can benefit from Shree Maharajshree's vachanamrit and also can meet other vaishnav. Jai Shree Krushna ! Dharmendra

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Pushtikul Ethics Director / P.E.M. June 2003

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Posted - 18 February 2003 :  09:26:51
Dear Dharmendra, If u want to join in vraj Yaatra than u can join. Confirm me with the details like how many days, how many peolple etc.. so that i can spoke to replated person. you can also me at my email id jatinm@aptech.ac.in Jai Shree Krishna Jatin Malkan

Shree Dwarikadhiski Jai
Shree Sri Lalji Pyare Ki Jai
Jatin Malkan

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