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 Re Kanthi
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Vasant Punjabi
Vice-President & Pushtikul Elite Member - May 2003

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Posted - 16 October 2002 :  07:48:54
Jai Shri Krishna to All

Should one wear One Kanthi (Tulsi Mala) or two on the neck ????



News Reporter

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Posted - 07 February 2003 :  15:18:23
Jai Shree Krishna, we vaishnavs should wear 2 (Two) Kanthis, # for Shree Guru & Shree Swaminiji's Bhav & # for Shree Thakorji's Bhav. The two kanthis worn by us also states that the two chrnarvind of Shree thakorji are on our Heart (rhaday). Chirag

(Chirag Doshi)

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Pushtikul Elite Member - December 2003

270 Posts
Posted - 15 March 2003 :  11:37:52
Jay Shree Krushna We should wear two Kanthis.There are many reasons given. Chiragbhai has given some. As I know 1) we should wear two Kanthis one for Namsamband and other for Brahmasmband. 2) It is a symbol of Yugal Swaroop. vaibhav

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Vasant Punjabi
Vice-President & Pushtikul Elite Member - May 2003

1047 Posts
Posted - 17 March 2003 :  03:47:55
Jai Shri Krishna, Yes one should wear two Kanthis all the time. Vasant

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Pushtikul Elite Member - September 2003

209 Posts
Posted - 22 March 2003 :  12:39:17
Jai Shri Krishna All answers are appealing . let us have more bhav. We must wear two kanthis. Jai Shree Krishna A.K.OJHA

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