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 Why was Gajendra cursed
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Vasant Punjabi
Vice-President & Pushtikul Elite Member - May 2003

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Posted - 21 June 2003 :  05:59:58
Jai Shri Krishna,

Why was the king cursed by sage Agastya to become an elephant???



Pushtikul Elite Member - July 2003

349 Posts
Posted - 02 September 2003 :  10:02:43
jai shri krishna Vasantbhai, Please Give the answer Reeta Patel

Reeta Patel Go to Top of Page
Pushtikul Elite Member - February 2004

225 Posts
Posted - 05 September 2003 :  20:20:39
JAYSHRIKRISHNA, Once sage Agastya came to The King's palace but King didn't got up to welcome & respect the sage, so sage got angry & curshed tha king saying that you are sitting as an elephant so you will become an elephant. bindi

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Vasant Punjabi
Vice-President & Pushtikul Elite Member - May 2003

1047 Posts
Posted - 06 September 2003 :  03:24:50
Jai Shri Krishna, In olden days respect to the Brahmins was considered more powerful then respect to the kings. This (elephant) Gajendra in previous life was a king his name was Pandya King, known by the name of Indradyumna the foremost of the people of Dravida country (now known as Tamilnadu) and devoted to the worship of Lord Vishnu. The monarch who had turned an ascetic, wearing matted locks on his head, and having his hermitage on the Kulachala mountain, nay, who had taken vow of silence and subjugated his mind (too) once proceeded to worship the Almoghty and immortal Lord Shri Hari with due ceremony at the hour appointed for devotions, having finished his bath (beforehand). By chance there arrived the sage Agastya of surpassing glory, accompanied by hosts of his pupils. Finding him mute lacking even polite words and waiting upon the Lord in seclusion and perceiving that the king had neglected to offer him water to wash his hands with the other articles of worship to which he was entitled as a venerable newcomer, the sage grew indignant as the story goes. On Indradyumna he pronounced the following imprecation This impious, evil minded and uncultured fellow has insulted a Brahman (in me)at this moment. Let him therefore be steeped in binding ignorance, and since he is dull minded like an elephant, let him be born as an elephant. Vasant

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