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 Appeal to Vaishnavs
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Posted - 20 March 2003 :  21:35:37

Since we are all aware of the War going on in Iraq, i request all of you to just pray for a few seconds for the Iraqi's n Kuwati's who are going through this stress n tension, MAY GOD GIVE ALL THOSE IN THE SITUTATION THE STRENGHT TO FACE THE CRISIS. I hope all the vaishnavs will do this as at this point we don't have to think that if they are vaishnavs or no, but purely for HUMANITY as there are 100's of 1000's innocent children, infants n new borns. Please pray for them.

My apology to have send this message for the Vaishnavs.




Pushtikul Elite Member - September 2003

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Posted - 22 March 2003 :  12:32:00
Jai Shree Krishna If we take this message in the pretext of Chapter 11 of Bagwat Gita, one of the Swarup of Thakorji which is emerging as shown to Arjun under Virat Swarup. Jai Shree Krishna A.K.OJHA

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