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Posted - 05 February 2012 :  23:57:01
On the divine occassion of Shri Purushottam maas (Adhikmas) Suddhadvait Shri Vallabh Gruh Achraya baithak organises "AADHIDAIVIK SHRI PURUSHOTTAM BRAJ YATRA" With the Divine blessings of Raas Raseshwar Shri Gopalprabhu and with the inspiration of karunanidhi Ni.Li.Pu. Go. Shri Purushottam lalaji maharajshri (kadi-kota) and also with the grace of bhaktavatsal Ni.Li. Pu. Go.Shri Govindlalji Mahrajshri(kadi),VRAJ LILI PARIKRAMA-2012,Samvat-2068 is going to take place under the presidentship of P.Pu.Go.Shri Vijaykumarji maharjshri (shri damodarlalji) and also under the vice presidentship Yuvaacharya P.PU.Go.Shri Harirayji Mahodayshri and P. Pu.Go.Shri Goverdhaneshji mahodayshri (Shri Darshankumarji) and Chi.Pu.Shri Vrajadhishji (Chi.LaLan) Aapshri is going to stay in Braj with acharaya family, his beloved vaishnav parikar and also with those Vaishnav who are willing to have vrajvas Under the infinite Krupa of sevya swaroop of "Shri Hariray Maharprabhu-'Shri NavNeet Prabhu" and "Shri Rasiya Thakur(shri goverdhan nathji)"(shripushtidham haveli-surat) In between yatra our beloved vaishnav will enjoy different kinds of Manoraths and Rassleela(the real enjoyment of Vraj.Vaishnav will also enjoy and will get knowldege through the daily Vachnamrut of Shri Acharayashri.Vaishnavs throughout the world are invited to gain this alokik labh and become Krutharth.

VISIT-WWW.VRAJYATRA2012.ORG svp: Shri Purushottam vrajyatra comittee

Edited by - vrajvallabhdas on 06 February 2012 00:03:24


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