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 daily seva
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prakash patel
Entry Level Member

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Posted - 02 September 2009 :  23:54:10

jai shree Krishna,

I have mandir at home and I have deits of Krishna and Radhaji. Can someone advise me what kind of seva I should do and what prayers,  aarti and thaal i should sing? I sing Navratna stotra and Yamunastak. My guruji is Shree Dwarkashlalji. I live in California and i want Shiksha Patra and any reading materials that will be helpful to learn about Pushtimarg. I am new so any information will be  very helpful to learn about Pushtimarg. I just had Brahmsambandh 3 months ago by Shree Dwarkashlalji.

Senior Member

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Posted - 04 September 2009 :  18:10:33

Jai Shri Krishna Bhai,

How are you? so good that you took aapshree gave you brahmsambandh.

regarding reading material dont know if you can read gujarati or no...? but there is heaps online


even other websited likes..



and even u google pushrimarg other good ones come up.

Im guessing u mean Shri Dwarkeshlalji from Kadi - Ahemdabad..

best is if you ask Jejeshri directly about what seva you should do daily..

as asking Jejeshri or Gurudev is the best way to learn. but there is some general guideline on those websites as well.

if u need Jejeshri email or number do let me know.

Jai Shri Krishna


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prakash patel
Entry Level Member

5 Posts
Posted - 09 September 2009 :  08:22:57

jai shree Krishna,

I can read gujarati. My Guruji is Shri Dwarkeshlalji from Champaran and his 46th pragtya utsav was in Bombay.

Jai Shreenathji.

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Entry Level Member

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Posted - 18 September 2009 :  11:01:32

jai shri krishna

by grace of almighty u n ur family  might enjoying fruit of good health

i like congrat u for having bramsambandh from his holiness

u want information of bagwad seva .information regarding it is available at  web site www.vallabhkankroli.org   for bagvad seva ur thakorji should be "seviya" without which u cannot perform seva .ur in california and ur gurudev is thousand of kilometer apart .the admin of this website may help u.

thakurji can be 'seviya 'only by gurudev .one should remember shrimahaprabhuji teaching in navratna"seva kruti-guroagna"seva should be done according to advice of his holiness.

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