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 Asur vyamoh leela?
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Posted - 25 June 2009 :  10:51:38

Jai Shri Krishna to all Vaishnavs,

Mahaprabhuji did 'Asurvyamoh leela' while departing from this world in material form (though He is still in Vallabhkul as sarvottam stotra says "Svavansheystapitaashesha svamahatmeya smayapaha"). Request vaishnavs to enlighten me on what does 'Asurvyamoh leela' mean? 


Guru govind dono khade kaake lagu pay, balihari guru ki govind diyo bataye

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Posted - 28 June 2009 :  00:04:37

Aasurvyamoh leela is for those who are asurs meaning that those are not believing in God.

We all know as Shri Mahaprabhuji and Shri Gusaiji are themselves Shrinathji in Sakshat.  So Shrithakorji is Nitya meaning Nitya cannot die. Shrimahaprabhuji is "agni" swaroop and when he did this leela there was just a lightining in the sky and thats it.

ShriMahaprabhuji is the form of Shrithakorji and ShriSwaminiji as per "Shri Krishnay Namah" swaroop of Shri SarvottamStotra.

Just for information, When Shri Mahaprabhuji was present on this earth, Britishers used to rule india and even they have noticed and even they tried to find out body of shrimahaprabhuji after their leela but they could not able to.

Thanks for this question as i learnt something from my father about this.

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