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Junior Member

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Posted - 08 July 2009 :  20:17:41
|| Sarvam Krishna Arpanam ||

Jai Shri Krishna !!

Beautiful :)

If you call this waffling then I cant imagine what beautiful things from your side will look like. Thank you very much.

How merciful is the Lord that he even blesses the bad and lets it prosper for some time. Lets pray that his mercy falls on us too.


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Entry Level Member

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Posted - 08 July 2009 :  20:45:41

Jai Shree Krishna



Thanks Prakashji,  its all Gods Grace, I just wrote what I had heard from Vachnamruts,  when Je Je Shri explains it,  its much much better



I think His mercy has already fallen us.  Discussing the Lord’s swaroop and leela’s is His graceJ




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