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Posted - 03 March 2003 :  11:25:16
jai shree krishna

wat is the diffrence btwn dhrami vipriyog and dhrami sayog?

harsha kikla

harsha kikla

Pushtikul Elite Member - July 2003

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Posted - 10 March 2003 :  10:51:34
jai shri krishna, please post answer!!!!!!!!! Reeta Patel Edited by - anpur on March 20 2003 07:45:03

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Pushtikul Elite Member - December 2003

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Posted - 20 March 2003 :  22:23:43
Jay shree krushan When Shree ‘THAKORJI’ is with us it is sanyog. For GOPIS when Shree ‘THAKORJI’ is in NIKUNJ it is sanyog. Here in sanyog they are doning different LILA with Shree ‘THAKORJI’. When Shree ‘THAKORJI’ is not with us (physically OR anavsar)it is viprayog. For GOPIS when Shree ‘THAKORJI’ is in VAN with sakhas it is viprayog for them.. Here in viprayog they are doning different LILA with each other. The importance of viprayog is more than sanyog in pushtimarg because in viprayoug we can have many lila at a time whnere in sanyog only one lila is availabael. In sanyog we are having joy of MILAN(seva) In viprayog we are having joy of VIRAH(anavsar) Do correct me. vaibhav

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Vasant Punjabi
Vice-President & Pushtikul Elite Member - May 2003

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Posted - 21 March 2003 :  08:42:03
Jai Shri Krishna, You are right and vipriyog is superior then sanyog. Vasant

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