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Posted - 19 March 2009 :  00:51:17

Jay Shree Krsna,

As a learning Vaishnav, I would like to learn about offering Paan Biri (please excuse me if this is the incorrect term) to Shree Thakurji.  When should we offer Paan Biri in seva and how should we prepare it?  Further more, I understand the the paan biri leaf is different to the paan leaf that are readily available to us, where can I get hold of the paan biri leaf?  I know that the local Haveli in London provides Vaishnavs with the paan biri however I am currently outside London so I would like to know if I can obtain it from elsewhere.  In summary, I would like to know, information about paan biri and when to offer it, how to prepare it (in terms of the ingreadients) and where I can obtain it. 

I would be grateful if anyone could help me with this query and I thank you all for your knowledge and assitance in advance. 

Kind Regards and Jay Shree Krsna to all,

Karan Pandya.


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Posted - 19 March 2009 :  19:04:31
Jai Shree Krishna

Pan Biri cna be offered to Shree Thakorji after every bhog, and also during Aarthi time.
Regarding theavailabality of leaf in UK, you iwll have to consult someone there.
The ingeredients anre many includinh supari, chuan kattha, laung, ilaichi etc.  At BEngali ghat in Mathura, there is Giriraj store who sells Marjadi samagris. He also sells Thambool bhushan, which contains all the ingredients and is farily good. You can purchase this through your know source and simply add this to the paan while making biri. If you have anyone know t5o you coming - going from Chennai, I can send this to you.
Regarding making of biri, it is quite simle and i am sure you can learn this from any Vaishnav in UK.

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Posted - 24 March 2009 :  22:08:18
Jai Shri Krishna

I am a Vaishnav living in London. I think you are talking about the Leytonstone Haveli if I am not mistaken. I do not have Pushtavela Thakurji and I am a student, so I am not able to do all the detailed bhog to Thakurji. But my Baa has Sevya Swaroop. She cannot offer bidino masalo in Nagarvela Pan because it is quite expensive and hardly available. So my Baa makes the masalo and offers it to Thakurji in a small box like bantaji. There are Nagarvela Paan available in Indian grocery shops like Ealing road.

Hope this is useful

Jai Shri Krishna
Vicki Mehta

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Posted - 06 April 2009 :  17:22:19
Jai Shri Krishna,

As well as places such as ealing road/wembley, the paan are also available in all Paan Shops, Kingsbury, Kenton, etc

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