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 24 Vachnamrut-- 9th Vachnamrut
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Posted - 25 January 2005 :  09:54:30
ShriGokulesho Jayati
Jai Jai ShriGokulesh,

24-Vachnamruts of Chaturthkumar ShriGokuleshPrabhucharan


9th Vachnamrut

The Understanding for a vaishnava who does ninda of a Vaishnava

Now ShriGokulnathji gives aagyna to Kalyan Bhattji, and expresses the 9th lakshan , that if someone does ninda-dukhvachan-durvachan, then do tolerate it. Think it as if I had my loopholes in me, so not to reply for it. Even if we get angry, but should not express it to other, and do not make guilt to own, and if lots of opposes occurs, then it is better to stay away from it. Looking their works, should not at-all bring doshbudhi in them. Should always keep the relation of bhagwad-smaran -- "JAI JAI SHRIGOKULESH". DO not in return do ninda for them, In this way we should protect us from the apradh of Vaishnava, and do be afraid of creating apradh. So by keeping afraid, will lead to KARYA SIDDHI. Prabhu will grace us all and will take shelter in our hearts. Tolerate Ninda, This is all above param dharma for a Vaishnava. This way ShriGokulnathji gave aagyna to Kalyanbhattji, ITI NINTH PRASANGA || 9 ||

(By this Vachnamruts of my pranpyara Chaturthkumar ShriGokuleshji, it is general verdict, and request to all do not try to fit any one on this vachnamrut)

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Jai Jai ShriGokulesh Parivaar, Baroda

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Posted - 25 January 2005 :  11:18:09
Jai Shree Krishna A very good Vachnamrut. And something all of us as Vaishnavs ought to remember. There was one other great Vaishnav, who took beatings but never revealed his Vaishnavta to the other Vaishnav ? Any guesses ?

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