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 Krishna avtaar
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PRO - Pushtikul.com / P.E.M. January 2004

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Posted - 13 January 2005 :  14:03:53
What is the significance of Krishna Avtaar ? How is Krishna Avtaar Different form the other Avtaars?

Shree Vallabha dheesh ki jai

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Posted - 13 January 2005 :  16:32:16
jai shree krishna krishna avatar was pushti pursrshottam? i think so

Jay Bhatt (JAI SHREE KRISHNA) Go to Top of Page
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Posted - 14 January 2005 :  04:17:01
Dear All, Jai Shree Krishna According to Shreemad Bhagwat the Krishna Avatar in Saraswat Kalpa was Poorna Avatar of Shree Krishna when Thakorji residing in Golok came and took birth on earth. Rest all avatars are anshavtar only and are limiited in their jobs. Anoop

Anoop J. Purohit Go to Top of Page
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Posted - 14 January 2005 :  09:20:00
Jai Shri Krishna There are two questions here, and the first part in my opinion, as stated in the Bhagvat Gita, Shri Krishna says: Chpt4:7 "Whenever and wherever there us a decline in religious practice, O descendant of Bharata, and a predominant rise of irreligion - at that time I descend Myself" It is further enhanced by the word srjami, "Manifest", which is significant. Manifest cannot be used in the sense of creation because accordingly, there is NO creation of the Lord's form or body, since all of the forms are eternally exisent. Therefore "srjami" means that the Lord manifests Himself as He is. The other "Avatars", would then be the incarnation of the Lord, His bonafide representative in various forms or Himself in some disguised forms. A little confussing, but this is how I have conceived from Bhagvat Gita.

Shri Vallabha Dhessh Ki Jai Go to Top of Page
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Posted - 14 January 2005 :  14:29:38
Jai Shree Krishna Shree Krishna's avtaar as "Srjami" is a full and complete swaroop and as we cast our mind to Vraj, we see him fullfiling the manoraths of vrajbhakto. So avtaar also was to fullfil the promises made in previous kalikal's avtaar.

Dasa no das Pushtidas Go to Top of Page
PRO - Pushtikul.com / P.E.M. January 2004

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Posted - 14 January 2005 :  14:42:42
Jai Shree Krishna Good replies. Hope more contibutions follow.

Shree Vallabha dheesh ki jai Go to Top of Page
Pushtikul Elite Member - October 2003

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Posted - 14 January 2005 :  18:47:11
Dear All, Jai Shree Krishna, I would like to answer this question in a simple layman's language. After Lord Rama's avataar, Lord Rama realised that he should abode all the pleasure and be with his people to understand them better so decided to take birth as a Gawaala and remain with His people. But now the big problem was will he have the Supreme powers to when Lord Vishnu approached Brahmaji and Lord Shankar, they assured him that his this avaatar will be unique and have all the Supreme powers and even Brahmaji and Lord Shankar realise that Power. So this Krishna avaatar has all the power and was on this earth as said in Gita to remove sins, evils and Adharma. Regds Jigna (hope this is the correct explanation provided.

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Pushtikul Elite Member - December 2003

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Posted - 20 October 2005 :  17:21:48

jay jay shree gokulesh

first of all we always say avatar ( incarnation) of THAKORJI and not birth  because, the whole univerce is made by him, and he does not take birth like normal humanbing. and each of the avatars of shree thakorji was having some reason ( or tasks ) to fullfill.

each of this avatars teach us something.

vaman avatar was analogus ot Bhrahmins

ram avatar was analogus to Kshatriyas

same Krushnavatar was also Kshatriya.  Shree Krushna was born in Yaduvans ( one of the wellknown vansh).  also it was to fullfill blesings given to devoties. and distroy the evel. these are some  general  reason of any avatar.

but main reason was to do leela as in other avatars it was not done. and thus to do upliftment of the pushti jeev.  through rasleela and other bal leela, thakorji has given anand to all vrajbhakts.  also thakorji has given the fruit of the all vedas i.e. BHAGAVT GEETA wich is the way how one shuld live.

jay jay shree gokulesh.

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Posted - 22 October 2005 :  00:18:29

jai jai shree gokulesh

as per shree subodini shree krishna avtar took place for four reason

1to fulfill the promise given by thakurji to vesudev and devki to become there son

2 to fulfill the promise given to nand yashoda to show them balleelas of thakurji

3 to remove the adharam or bhomi bhar as there was paap increased on the earth so to relieve earth from all adharam and paap as kansa was doing adharam etc

4to protect the yurshis and bhakats who were harassed by paapis and adharamis etc and as this rushies and bhakat all wanted to see thakurjis leela and to fulfill each and every manorath of bhakat as you can see the balleelas of thakurji all have deep meaning in that

as thakurji is above four vihues they are

1 aanirudh

2 vesudev


4 sakarsan

so our shree krishna is not vihu avatar it is pushti purshotam because of that even brahma and indra devta also could not recognise it as the prasang of goverdhan leela and brama too took gwalbalak and vachara prasang

so because of this shree krishna avatar is different than other avtar

gmpunjabi Go to Top of Page
Pushtikul Elite Member - December 2003

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Posted - 29 November 2005 :  20:24:46

जय जय श्री गोकुलेश

 हम अक्सर यह् कहते है की श्री ठाकोरजी जब धरती पर अवतरित हुए तब 4 व्युह के साथ अवतरित हुए थे।

मुज़े यह जानना हैं की ये व्युह क्या हैं । और वो किस लिये होते हैं। जैसे सब कहते हैं कि वो श्री ठाकोरजी के रक्षण के लिये हैं ।

जय जय श्री गोकुलेश

वैभव शाह

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Pushtikul Elite Member - December 2003

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Posted - 07 June 2006 :  20:05:57

jay jay shree gokulesh

please answer the question that what are this vyuha?


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