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 Pushtikul.com wins Golden Web Award 2003 - 04 !!
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President - Pushtikul.com

423 Posts
Posted - 22 December 2004 :  00:05:00
Badhaai !! Badhaai !! Badhaai !! Badhaai !!

With Thakorji's aseem kripa, your favourite site on Pushtimarg, Pushtikul.com has been awarded the Golden Web Awards 2003-04 in religious category of website.

This award is a matter of celebration for all and we the team of Pushtikul Satsang Mandal is grateful to all it's members and well-wishers for their support and encouragement.

Shri Vallabhadhish ki Jai !!

Anand A. Majethia


Senior Member

176 Posts
Posted - 22 December 2004 :  00:08:14
Jai shree krishna to all vaisnavs every where. My Congratulations to all of the team and all its members. Do keep it up everyone. Hitesh.

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Entry Level Member

38 Posts
Posted - 22 December 2004 :  02:45:03
jai shri krishna congratulations on the success of this wonderful site.just keep up the gud wrk evry1 with thakurjis krupa.

k.soni Go to Top of Page
Mover & Shaker Member

394 Posts
Posted - 22 December 2004 :  03:49:58
jai shree krishna congratulations with thakorji krupa continue this spirit

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Pushtikul Elite Member - April 2004

170 Posts
Posted - 22 December 2004 :  08:55:44

D.A.Purohit Go to Top of Page
Senior Member

166 Posts
Posted - 23 December 2004 :  15:49:23
Jai Shree Krishna Congratulations on the winning the award. I pray to thakorji for more of such awards. Best wishes to the Admin and team. Anoop

Anoop J. Purohit Go to Top of Page
Mover & Shaker Member

398 Posts
Posted - 25 December 2004 :  15:24:46
Jai Shree Krishna We at Yamna.co.uk have dual celebrations. One celebration is that we are proud that Pushtikul has won the Golden Award. The second celebration is that Pushtkul made a special religious mark on Web map of the world. We conratulate the worthy team of Pushtikul and specially to Shree Anandji for dreaming the web from his dream factory. Aap sab ko Khub Khub badhai and also we must not forget the members. Without them the team would be not complete. Paushtidas On Behalf Of Yamna.co.uk

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Pushtikul Ethics Director / P.E.M. June 2003

424 Posts
Posted - 27 December 2004 :  12:09:02
Dear Anand, Congratulation.... I am really very very Happy while reading this news... All this happend due to your willingness to seva of Vaishnavs... Keep it Up...and Best of Luck for future... Jai Shree Krishna

Shree Dwarikadhiski Jai
Shree Sri Lalji Pyare Ki Jai
Jatin Malkan

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Pushtikul Elite Member - August 2003

1221 Posts
Posted - 29 December 2004 :  10:40:09
Jai Jai ShriGokulesh, Congrulations to the Pushtikul team and ShriVallabh's krupa is really there on this website-satsang.

Jai Jai ShriGokulesh Parivaar, Baroda

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PRO - Pushtikul.com / P.E.M. January 2004

1853 Posts
Posted - 02 January 2005 :  16:42:16
Jai Shree Krishna Anand, My heartiest congratulations to you and the entire team of pushtikul, for getting this award. With Thakorjis krupa and Vaishanvs blessings may this site gain greater laurals in the near future. Congratualtions and Badhai.

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Senior Member

240 Posts
Posted - 01 August 2006 :  12:26:56

Jai Jai Shree Gokulesh.

I want to congratulate because as I was browsing topics I found this one and came to know about it afterwards. I want to thank director,president, admin, p.r.o. and all for giving us such field where we can place our views, queries…We can learn Shri Vallabh Sidhhant by discussion and come to know various new things.
Previously I was not aware of this site. When Shri Vitthalbawashri were in
Bombay last year and In His talk He mentioned about this site and said the ppl. related with  working hard and very authentic site. With curiosity I entered for various topic and I was eager to register and applied and accepted.I read in one granth, when jeev was brought after death by daivi doots to Goklok (for whom they are eligible for).They used to take that jeev to each and every main dwadash kunj and after that if the jeev seems capable and free from moh, mad, matsarya…. Will be taken to his original fixed kunj for fixed tahel and with those sakhijans.Like that we from different grah met here and I feel like homely atmosphere and think that some where sometime we would have been met each other in any birth definitely. Again at the time of Vivah utsav of Shri Gokulnathji, Bawashri pointed same thing for pushtikul and ppl.

I would say to Pushtikul…Tum jiyo hazaro saal, saal ke din ho ……This is not any praise of the site but what I feel I expressed with my little knowledge.


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