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  Disscuss it all.
 Ekadashi fasting?
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Posted - 01 October 2004 :  11:49:22
Jai Shree Krishna For reasons mentioned by Vrajesh bhai, it is not offered in havelis and also in household seva.

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Posted - 01 October 2004 :  13:47:47
Jai Shree Krishna No mShreekant bhai u r wrong sabuddana comes very much from a natural source and it s very easily digestable starch. The simple reason why it should not be used is explained below.As sabudana is called sago in english. Sago Palm, common name given to a small East Indian palm, which is the principal source of sago, a food product derived from the pithy substance in the trunk or stem of the tree. The sago palm grows best in marshy areas, where it may reach a height of 8 to 9 m (25 to 30 ft). Normally, after growing for 15 years, the tree matures and begins to flower. However, the tree is usually cut down just before the flowers develop because the flowering process exhausts the starchy pith. The pith is then removed, and the starch is separated from the fiber. The starch is made into a paste and reduced to granular forms; the most common size is known as pearl sago. Although it is insoluble in cold water, after long boiling it unites with water to form a gelatinous solution. Sago is easily digested and is an important food in the East Indies. In Europe and America, sago is used in soups and puddings for thickening. The pith of a cycad, Cycas revoluta, is also the source of a kind of sago. as it is boiled in water it should not be used in temple or by a marjaadi vaishnav. Jai shree krishna g n vrajesh

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Posted - 19 October 2004 :  05:53:37
Jai Shree Krishna, As this question was related to ekadashi, I thought keep it in same thread. For Vaishnavs staying abroad, when should they observe Ekadashi fast. Also is it always same as India or does the date varies sometime?? Thanks

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