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Pushtikul Ethics Director / P.E.M. June 2003

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Posted - 17 February 2003 :  13:45:08
Dear Annad, Vasant Punjabi & Mala,

Today When i Saw new member has joind name subho and he has written his Gurudev name as P.P 108 Shri kkg

This is not correct and he is not only the one there are so many.

So its my request you to check the profile whenever new members joining in Pushtikul.

In Pushtimarg there so many people who is taking Brahmasambandh at age of 50-60 . If person Dont know his Gurudev Name than he can just right Dont Know But is should not abc,kkg etc.. if we are writing this means we are insulting our Gurudev & Vallabh.

To all of you if i am wrong and if my lanuguage is hurting anyone than I am extreamly sorry for that this i wanted write long back when first time show this kind name in profile.

Jai Shree Krishna

Jatin Malkan

Shree Dwarikadhiski Jai
Shree Sri Lalji Pyare Ki Jai
Jatin Malkan

Senior Member

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Posted - 17 February 2003 :  16:35:12
Jai Shree Krsna, Bhai please don't get so upset as at this age some times you don't want to disclose your gurus name as ot might be very personal n private to him, Please respect this gentelmans feelings n we shud welcome new members, may be he may be atotal naastik n by seeing this site he has sterted to become asthik so don't get upset n i don't think its in anands control to check the authenticity of each n every member. My sincere apology and please don't get so upset with Anand n Vasantbhai. I hope u will understand a think cooly. Jai Shree krsna Yogini Yogini

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President - Pushtikul.com

423 Posts
Posted - 18 February 2003 :  00:23:07
Dear Yoginiben, I don't think that Gurudev's name is so personal that one does not like it to be disclosed, as in Pushtimarg, a Gurudev has thousands of Sevaks. At Pushtikul, if one's guru's name is mentioned, then it helps Vaishnavs having same Gurughar (i.e.Same Gurudev or Gurudev's brother etc.) to come closer to each other. Plus, it also helps Vaishnavs to know that from where the person has taken Bramhasambandh and from where he has attained so much wisdom. I promise you Jatin, that soon I shal mail those whose Gurudev's information is not perfect. I agree with your thoughts and promise to check every new member that joins Pushtikul to enter correct info. about Gurudev. However, if due to any reason the member has not taken Bramhasambandh and if he/she is willing to take Bramhasambandh, but there are some authentic problems in doing so, the member shall be allowed to continue. For Vaishnavs not knowing Gurudev's name, special permission shall have to be taken from me for continuing at Pushtikul. Everyone, please don't mind if you find my language a bit rude, but there must be some principles which we must lay down in order to run Pushtikul according to principles of Shri Mahaprabhuji. Jai Shri Krishna, Anand Majethia (President)

Shri Vallabhadhish ki Jai !!

Anand A. Majethia


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Pushtikul Ethics Director / P.E.M. June 2003

424 Posts
Posted - 18 February 2003 :  09:10:00
Dear Anand, Thankyou for reply on this topic my main aim behind is same as yours that follow the principles of Mahaprabhuji we shouldnot hurt by any chance Shri Thakorji,Shri Gurudev and Vaishnavs Jai Shree Krishna Jatin Malkan

Shree Dwarikadhiski Jai
Shree Sri Lalji Pyare Ki Jai
Jatin Malkan

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