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  Disscuss it all.
 Do u think we shud read the Gita
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Posted - 13 February 2003 :  04:04:19
As the Gita says( the Last chapter 18th one) we shud not read the Gita to the people who r not intrested to listen, but then what when we have Gita pravachans either at home or haveli n there are people who come either as accompanying the senior citizens or waiting for them in such case wat is the result? Who has the dosha for it?.



News Reporter

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Posted - 14 February 2003 :  15:57:11
Jai Shree Krishna, Yes it is right that if the person not intrested in listening the Gitaji we should not read it to them. When in Haveli the gitaji is on only the intrested vaushnav's will visit to listen & the person accompanying is not intrested then it is noty the fault hwo is reading because in haveli all vaishnav's come & sit. So there is no question of Dosh arrives. Chirag

(Chirag Doshi)

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Posted - 15 February 2003 :  03:58:55
I feel that Gitaji contains the ultimate information for humankind. It will hence, be shree Thakorji's wish who listens to it or who doesn't. We are ordinary mortals. Who knows, a devi jeev, sent by Shree Thakorji doesn't like listening to Gitaji but at the end, the message gets through to him/her and they become devotees? The explanations for letting a non- vaishnav attend a Gitaji reading session are endless. We are ambassadors of this lovely dharma, Pushti-marag. Lets not shun non - Vaishnavas and get ourselves a bad name. If we don't teach our lesons to non - Vaishnavas, how do we expect to get more devi - jeevs to realise their true forms and take bramhsabandh? As I previously said, lets leave it on Kripa - naath, we have no authority to decide who is deserving enough or who's not. Jai Shree Krishna. Lets hold hands and tell the world, devi - jeevs out there, come home, come to Shree Thakorji's sharan.

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President - Pushtikul.com

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Posted - 15 February 2003 :  04:31:50
Dear Neilbhai, Jai Shri Krishna. I guess you have mis-understood the question put forth by Yoginiben. She had asked that who get's the Dosha for people who are not interested in listening the Gita but are forced to come with some old age people because they are at their service. Here, she didn't tell that Non-Vaishnavs must not be allowed. So, I request you to kindly read the question properly and then answer to it, as you may end up confusing and upseting readers and members. Jai Shri Krishna, Anand Majethia (President)

Shri Vallabhadhish ki Jai !!

Anand A. Majethia


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Senior Member

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Posted - 15 February 2003 :  04:48:05
Hey Neil, Hope that next time u read the questions properly neil. Please don't change the meaning of the question. Its a disgrace to the author n the readers Jai shree krsna Yogini

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Pushtikul Elite Member - September 2003

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Posted - 10 March 2003 :  15:00:42
Jai Shree Krishna One should read Geeta for self as this is one of the basis of Pustimarga but understanding Geeta must be from our cult because Hari Anant Hari Katha Ananta, Gavanhi Sunahi Bhau Vidhi Santa" - well said by Tulsi DAs as well as Shree Mahprabhuji in "JAL Bhed" Jai Shree Krishna A.K.OJHA

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Pushtikul Elite Member - August 2003

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Posted - 13 March 2003 :  10:52:24
SHRI GOKULESHO JAYATI Ofcourse, Shri Geetaji, is a part of our life and the Vaani of Lord KRishna. It teaches the every expect of the life. As there is one prasang in 84 Vaishnava's varta, i don't remember the name of that vaishnav, but the story goes in this way that Shri Mahaprabhuji was explaining the Subhodhiniji to the vaishnava, and one of the Sevaka was talking to Shri Ranchodraiji, residing in that vaishnava's godi, That time Shri Mahaprabhuji stopped to explain the Subhodhiniji further. Also Shri Mahaprabhuji explains in one varta to that vaishnav, that don't ever read Shri Bhagwatji for your livelihood and in front of any person who is not vaishnav. Shri Geetaji, is a part of Bhagwatji, so it should not be read in front of those who are not in need of those words quoted in Geetaji. gopalmeta1@yahoo.com

Jai Jai ShriGokulesh Parivaar, Baroda

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Pushtikul Elite Member - September 2003

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Posted - 22 March 2003 :  13:46:56
Jai Shri Krishna It has been unversally by all the contents of Gita and must be read at young age and not in the old age. At one place it was being explained that only two persons heard Gita . One was ARJUNA & other Sanjay. We all know that what Arjuna did later on. Sanjay, the second person heard Gita while describing the happenings of Mahabhart's battle to Dhrutrashta, he was though bhakta but was having fear of Dhrtrashra and was describing all events as per Drutrashtra wish. But at end of Gita in last Sloka of 18th Chapter of Gita he says to Dhrutrastra that where there is Thakorji & Parth like Arjuna , the victory lies there only and so you (Drutrashtra) are going to loose. This much courage is mustered by Sanjay. This again ultimately lead to essence of Navratna Stotra - Chinata kapi... Jai Shree Krishna A.K.OJHA

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