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Posted - 27 January 2005 :  10:32:16
Jai Jai ShriGokulesh,

For bhaktimarg [/i]

“Demanding for return in place of bhakti- is like givind diamond to get sand “[/i]

To fulfill our small needs we do bhakti is the lower category of bhakti. The true bhakts don’t do such types of bhakti. Requesting to God that , “You help me to pass this exam, I will offer u a kilogm of thor, or you help me for this work, I will take care for u” This is one type of a contract. Just as we pray to god, that hey god, pls give me a child, I will do palna, or pls give me rise in my business, I will do rajbhog for u. This is not the real bhakti-devotion. The real devotees never thinks for such type of pricefilled bhakti, even in dreams. Only thinks for the Tatk-Sukh of shrithakurji and not for own. Those who don’t understand the importance of devotion, only behaves or acts like in this manner. Devotion is like a magic stone-“ parasmani”. By this parasmani, the nar (man) becomes narayan. Which is for us the pushtimargi vaishnava who starts seva as a sevaka and becomes bhagwadiya (like bhagwaan).

Those bhagwadiyas life-world is shrithakurji. So why they leave narayan for worldly attractions, whichh are for a very small instance???? So once took step in the bhaktimarg, should not step back or not even stop at some instance, but should cary forward for own betterment and to acheife one goal the kartavya (duty) of vaishnava, is seva of shrithakurji-guru-vaishnava.

Bhaktimarg (pushtimarg) is endless, so never give up and continue according to the aagyna of our own ShriGurudev (who gave diksha) in the boundries created by ShriMahaprabhuji.

Edited by - gopal on February 04 2005 17:45:13

Jai Jai ShriGokulesh Parivaar, Baroda

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